Scrotoplasty and Scrotal Surgery in Miami, Fl

Scrotoplasty, also called scrotal reduction or scrotal lift surgery, is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can reduce additional unnecessary skin in the scrotum. The procedure is a common surgery that can be used to enhance the look of the area, reduce discomfort or pain from excess skin, and improve intimate performance.

What are the benefits of a scrotal lift or scrotal reduction?

As you age your skin becomes less elastic which can cause your scrotum to develop excess skin or sagging. Scrotal lift surgery can remove excess skin and tighten the scrotum with minimal scarring.

Scrotal reduction surgery is a great remedy for men who may feel self-conscious or uncomfortable with the appearance of their scrotum. Embarrassment surrounding the appearance of the scrotum due to aging is completely normal. However, with a scrotal lift procedure, you can eliminate any embarrassment.

Many patients choose to undergo a scrotal reduction procedure because they experience pain in their scrotum due to excess skin or aging. Scrotoplasty can tighten the skin in the scrotum and rejuvenate the area, relieving any pain or discomfort the patient may have felt.

Scrotal lift surgery is highly recommended for men looking to regain any confidence lost due to a low-hanging or stretched scrotum. With a scrotal lift, you can rejuvenate your scrotum and tighten the skin with minimal scarring. Take the next step towards scrotum rejuvenation by calling (305) 548-4005 to set up a consultation with the experts at Urology Cure.

How is scrotum plastic surgery performed?

Scrotoplasty is an outpatient procedure that is often completed within two hours. Patients undergo general anesthesia to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. During the operation, excess skin and subcutaneous tissue are removed from the scrotum. The cremaster muscle, which causes your scrotum to contract, may also be tightened to improve the functionality of your scrotum after the excess tissue is removed. When the desired extraction has been made the area is then sutured and prepared for recovery.

Are you a good candidate for scrotal lift surgery?

Men can experience sagging scrotums for a variety of reasons. Whether from aging, injury, or genetics, a sagging scrotum can cause embarrassment, discomfort, and even pain. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms due to sagging or excess skin in the scrotum, you may be a great candidate for a scrotal lift procedure.

Great candidates for scrotal lift procedures are anyone who feels discomfort or pain in and around the scrotum during physical activities or intimacy. If a low-hanging or stretched scrotum is affecting your self-confidence, you may also be a perfect candidate.

Some patients elect to have a scrotal lift procedure due to difficulty urinating because of excess tissue in the scrotum. A scrotoplasty can remove the excess tissue removing any barriers during urination.

Common Questions about Scrotoplasty

Does cosmetic scrotoplasty surgery affect my fertility?

Scrotal reduction procedures should not interfere with your fertility because your reproductive organs are not being operated on during the procedure. The only modification is performed to the skin of your scrotum, leaving all of your reproductive organs intact.

What is the average scrotoplasty cost without insurance?

Scrotal reduction cost is dependent on the extent of the surgery and can vary greatly by the length of the procedure and how much skin must be removed to achieve the desired result. On average, a scrotoplasty procedure can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 based on the location and involvement of the surgery.

How long does it take to recover from a scrotum lift?

A scrotum lift is an outpatient procedure that requires an incision and modification of the scrotum and therefore comes with a short recovery time. Most patients can return to work within a few days of the procedure. A full recovery can be made in about six to eight weeks. During this time patients should avoid vigorous activity and heavy lifting. Patients should refrain from sexual activity until the incision is completely healed.

During recovery, patients are encouraged to wear a supportive garment to keep the scrotum secure. In some cases, patients may need to use a catheter for a few days after surgery. This is only common with extreme swelling that makes it difficult to urinate while the area heals.

Does a scrotum lift hurt?

Most patients experience swelling and soreness for about a week after the surgery. Any discomfort or pain can be relieved with over-the-counter pain medications and cold compresses.

Will Scrotum plastic surgery leave a scar?

Much like with any extraction procedure, you will have a scar after receiving a scrotum lift. However, any incisions made during the procedure are small and easily hidden in the skin of the scrotum. The elasticity of the skin in this area makes it great for minimal scarring that is easy to miss.

Does scrotum reduction surgery have any major side effects?

Much like any surgical procedure, a scrotum reduction surgery does have some potential risks. The most common side effects include bleeding, bruising, and swelling of the infection sight. In less common cases patients have experienced infection, damage to the urinary tract, and painful intercourse after recovery. Scrotoplasty is a low-risk procedure and major side effects are uncommon.

How do I Find Scrotoplasty Surgery Near Me?

When looking for scrotoplasty surgery near you it is important to find an experienced practice that you can trust. Finding the right surgeon can be the difference between reaching your ideal outcome. The team at Urology Cure have over 40 years of experience in the fields of Urology and plastic surgery. If you are looking for scrotoplasty surgery near me, Urology Cure can provide experienced and trusted care.

Urology Cure for Your Scrotoplasty in Miami.

If you are interested in learning more about a scrotum lift procedure Urology Cure can help. With over 40 years of experience, the team at Urology Cure can help you feel comfortable moving forward with your scrotum reduction surgery. The experts at Urology Cure can help you reach your desired physical appearance, reduce discomfort due to excess skin on the scrotum, and improve self-confidence with a scrotum lift consultation. Find the procedure that is right for you by calling (305) 548-4005 to set up your consultation.


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