Titan® Penile Implant in Miami – Finding the Right Implant for Performance and Comfort

The Titan Penile Implant is an implant that is inserted into the penis and scrotum to enhance the look and feel of an erection. The Titan Penile Implant is made with a patented BioFlex material that is more durable and effective than silicone. Once inserted, the Titan Penile Implant can help improve the rigidity, look, and feel of your erection.
Unlike semi rigid penile implants, the Titan penile implant is an inflatable prosthetic that looks and feels more natural. Inflation technology allows patients to achieve an erection with just a few pumps. When the erection is no longer needed, patients can easily deflate the prosthetic returning the penis to a natural flaccid position.

Who is a good candidate for a Titan Penile Implant?

Titan penile implants are a great solution for men struggling with erectile dysfunction. The implant is discreet and easy to activate making it an easier alternative to oral ED solutions. These implants are perfect for anyone looking to improve their sexual performance while improving the rigidity, appearance, girth, and performance of their erection.

Titan Penile Implants are a good solution for men who experience severe ED that is difficult to treat with other methods. If you have used oral medication, penile injections, or vacuum erectile devices in the past with little success, the Titan penile implant may be right for you. To get started on your path to a more consistent erection, call (305) 548-4005 to set up your consultation today.

How does a Titan Penile Implant work?

A Titan Penile Implant procedure consists of three parts inserted at different parts of the pubic region. A reservoir is inserted into the lower abdomen that holds the material used to inflate the implant. The bioflex implant is inserted into the penis and the Titan pump is inserted into the scrotum. Together, these three allow the patient to pump up the implant to mimic a natural erection.

These devices can be inflated through a manual pump often located in the scrotum. When a patient wants to obtain an erection, they inflate a pump which moves a fluid into the implant. The erection can be deflated when not in use by a simple release button on the device.

Titan® Penile Implant Benefits

Titan Penile Implants are a safe and effective way to improve the effectiveness and appearance of your erection. Penile implant surgery time comes in under an hour on average making it a quick procedure. Titan Penile implants are stronger and safer than silicone due to the patented Bioflex material. The cylindrical implants inserted into the shaft of the penis improved the fullness of every erection. The flexible material allows your flaccid penis to retain a normal look.

The Titan Penile Implant is easier to use than other implant devices. Patients pump up the device through the pump in the scrotum. When the implant fills with liquid from the reservoir, patients can sustain an erection until the device is released. Releasing the liquid is as easy as pressing a button on the pump.

The other major benefit of a Titan penile implant is that it provides patients with an immediate erection. Patients can be ready whenever the moment arises with just a few pumps. Oral solutions often take time to be effective. The Titan Penile implant’s immediacy means that you can add spontaneity back into your love life.

Titan® Penile Implant Cost

cost-effective. Penile implant surgery price is highly dependent on insurance coverage. Without insurance coverage, the Titan penile implant can cost patients anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on service provided, location, and associated costs with the procedure.

Common penile implant questions and answers

What is the average recovery time for A Titan Penile Implant Procedure?

While every patient is different, the average recovery time for a Titan Penile Implant Procedure is four to six weeks. During this time a patient may feel discomfort but may return to normal and improved intimate activities after.

Are penile implant surgeries common?

Inflatable penile implants like the Titan penile implant are becoming increasingly more common. Over 25,000 procedures are performed each year.

Is the Titan touch penile implant MRI safe?

The Titan Coloplast penile implant MRI safety has been tested and confirmed to be safe for MR conditional to a Static field of 3 Tesla or less, Spatial gradient field of 720 gauss/cm or less with a maximum whole body averaged specific absorption rate (SAR) of 3 W/kg for 15 minutes of MR scanning. This means that the implant is safe to be used in an MRI as long as it is optimized to these parameters.

What are the Titan penile implant reviews?

According to the manufacturer’s website the Titan penile implant boasts a satisfaction rate of over 96%. Most patients agree that the Titan penile implant is easy to use and comfortable. When compared to other implants the Titan provides 17% more girth, is three times more rigid, and 3 times more durable.

How do I Find penile implant doctors near me?

When looking for a doctor to perform a penile implant it is important to find an experienced practice that you can trust. Finding the right surgeon can be the difference between reaching your ideal outcome. The team at Urology Cure have over 40 years of experience in the fields of Urology and plastic surgery. If you are looking for penile implant surgery in Miami, Urology Cure can provide experienced and trusted care.

Titan Penile Implants at Urology Cure

If you are interested in learning more about the Titan Penile Implant and the implantation procedure, Urology Cure can help. With over 40 years of experience, the team at Urology Cure can help you feel comfortable moving forward with your penile implant. The experts at Urology Cure can help you treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction with a Titan penile implant. Increase your performance and improve your self-confidence with the Titan Penile Implant that’s right for you by setting up a consultation at (305) 548-4005.


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