Surgery for men suffering from benign prostate growth

Benign prostate growth, how to treat it?

Men suffering from benign prostate growth had to undergo quite invasive surgery requiring many days of rest; However, Dr. Rafael Antún has the technology to resolve the condition without many complications. A patient who has not had a problem with his prostate and who suddenly begins to have symptoms: “problems urinating, pain, itching and getting up from nights two and three times, which is not normal ”, you have to pay attention to this procedure. Go see your doctor, who will surely discover that you have benign prostate growth, most of the time, with urinary obstruction. “When urine does not completely empty the bladder, therefore the components of the urine, which has calcium, uric acid, and magnesium, come together to form stones,” says urologist Rafael Antún.

Until now, the way to treat this condition was through very invasive surgery: “Open surgery was performed, the stones and the inside of the prostate were removed; It was a surgery that disabled the patient for at least two or three weeks, and he had to use drainage. ”

Surgery to treat benign prostate growth

However, a new technology is changing all this: “That technology is a contact laser that, at its high temperature, can vaporize prostate tissue at eight or ten grams per minute. There is no bleeding, no pain, no post operative discomfort. The patient returns to work in 24 or 48 hours. ”The laser is inserted through the urethra until it reaches the prostate:“ What it does is clean the prostate inside so that the urinary canal is open; that it has no obstruction; The prostate is not removed, only the benign growth that is obstructing the urinary canal is removed. When this condition is very severe, it can cause damage to other organs: “It can obstruct the kidneys, because it grows so much that the ureters of the kidneys can clog it and they can keep the residual urine and begin to lose function. ”These technological advances help the doctor and the patient as well, but the most important thing is prevention by doing prostate exams on time.

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